Run Command Windows via Short Message Service

Generally, the function of Run Command feature on Windows operating system is to open documents or installed applications, and to manage Windows services. However, this feature is often used as a shortcut for operating user to give commands related to maintaining running system such as database management system. By using Short Message Service (sms), those commands can be done remotely. In order to do that, a sms gateway must be developed so computer can respond command that has been sent via sms. One of many options to build the gateway is under Java Platform by using Java class library that is packed in SMSLib Library. To use SMSLib, many communication classes are also needed such as Java Communication Library, RxTx, Apache Jakarta Commons/Net. To handle command that is not provided by default Windows command for Run feature, alternatively vbs script file or MS-DOS batch file can be used together with Run Feature.

Keywords : run command, sms, gateway

Majalah "TRANFORMATIKA" Volume 8, No. 1, Juli 2010, ISSN : 1693-3656 , Hal : 9-15


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Siskom Instant Image Resizer Software

Spesification :
- Fixed resize image to 75%, 50%, 25% from original
- Resize with bicubic high quality polarisation
- Supported file : jpg, tif, gif, png, bmp on win 7, but exclude bmp on win XP
- Support OS win 7 64 bit, win 7 & XP 32 bit
- Just one click to resize
- Support multiple file and resize in one click
- You can select all file in a folder with various type of file extension inside (doc, jpg, rar, etc..), the software will automatically choose the supported file to resize... No need to find image file in a folder one-by-one :p

How to use :
- Download software from here, extract and choose installer that supports your operating system
- Install the software
- To use it, just right-click your file and choose to what size your image will resize from siskom instant resizer menu (see picture below)

Siskom Instant Resizer

- You can choose many supported extension files at a time , and all files will be resize instantly

Happy Trying....


Xampp 1.7.4 Tidak Compatible dengan Joomla 1.5

Xampp 1.7.4 merupakan versi terbaru yang terakhir dirilis... Namun versi xampp ini menjadi kendala bagi yang masih ingin menggunakan cms Joomla versi 1.5. Menurut informasi, antara kedua versi dari produk tersebut tidak compatible.

Bagi yang ingin tetap menggunakan joomla 1.5 maka gunakan versi xampp yang lebih rendah. Atau gunakan joomla 1.6 bila ingin menggunakan xampp 1.7.4.

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Joomla 1.0 Tidak Compatible dengan Versi Mysql Terbaru?

Dari keterangan sebuah pengusaha hosting menyebutkan bahwa setelah diinstallkan versi mysql terbaru (5.x), terdapat masalah dengan cms terkemuka joomla versi 1.0. Salah satu efek adalah tidak munculnya artikel-artikel news.

Disarankan untuk pengelola website yang masih menggunakan joomla versi 1.0.x utk segera migrasi ke joomla minimal versi 1.5. Untuk melakukan migrasi data dari joomla 1.0 ke 1.5 hanya butuh waktu 3 menit saja.

Segera hubungi penyedia hosting anda untuk konfirmasi.

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