Run Command Windows via Short Message Service

Generally, the function of Run Command feature on Windows operating system is to open documents or installed applications, and to manage Windows services. However, this feature is often used as a shortcut for operating user to give commands related to maintaining running system such as database management system. By using Short Message Service (sms), those commands can be done remotely. In order to do that, a sms gateway must be developed so computer can respond command that has been sent via sms. One of many options to build the gateway is under Java Platform by using Java class library that is packed in SMSLib Library. To use SMSLib, many communication classes are also needed such as Java Communication Library, RxTx, Apache Jakarta Commons/Net. To handle command that is not provided by default Windows command for Run feature, alternatively vbs script file or MS-DOS batch file can be used together with Run Feature.

Keywords : run command, sms, gateway

Majalah "TRANFORMATIKA" Volume 8, No. 1, Juli 2010, ISSN : 1693-3656 , Hal : 9-15


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